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I started ElevatedMind® after 15+ years of working behind the scenes in the marketing of multi-million dollar coaching companies.  During that time, I also coached people through company marketing programs that ranged from $2K to $100K, sometimes flying people in to spend a weekend in intense work together.


I found that it didn't matter who you were, how much you spent, or how badly you needed to "succeed".  If you couldn't manage your mind and beliefs, you'd forever struggle with success.  I recognized the same patterns in myself.

At the intersection of mindset and belief, when managed, something incredible begins to happen.  Your attraction point shifts and the effort you have to exert lessens.  It was in the witnessing of this that I realized, therein lies the true human potential.

So I sought out knowledge, mentors and training to help on the level of thought, vibration, happiness, state of mind, and aligned action.  The results of this have been life-changing.

When you work from the point of belief, everything else follows.  It's that simple. You really can create the life and business you desire.









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