"Michelle is gifted at helping you focus your mind and energy so you can shift your state and manifest incredible results in your business (I would know, I'm the client who created the waiting list you'll read about!) The 7-Minute Shift is powerful when you commit to implementing it.


Michelle's work is something I continue to use daily as I grow my business because energy really does flow where attention goes."


Maxine Loader, 7-Figure FB Ads Strategist


"Michelle has a gift for taking ideas and methodologies and compacting these into a streamlined version of what she did to achieve results for herself and others.


In her book The 7-Minute Shift you will be compelled to look within yourself and begin to explore your belief system, and mind set to learn how to raise your vibrational frequency to create the life you love with more joy, fulfillment, and abundance."


Moira Sutton, Empowerment Life & Lifestyle Coach

"This workbook is a gem of information and expertise born of experience and trust in the universal principles she generously shares with her readers. By breaking it down into simple concepts and principles, Michelle gives you the tools to create the life you want to live.

Take a look. You won’t be disappointed."

Tina DeMarco,

Writing coach & copywriter


"Michelle gets my head out of a downward spiral and back in touch with my inner wisdom and strong body every time. This book is a gift in that it allows me to have her help anytime I need it."

Jessica Wright, Personal Transformation Coach



Grow a massively successful business in as little as 7 minutes a day!

Stalling to start your business? Disappointed in the trickle of clients after years of hard work? This book is the key to addressing the vibrational level of your success. The 7-Minute Shift™ is a process Michelle Sera developed after observing thousands of people who couldn’t get past their internal fears, doubts, and worries to reach success in business.


Consider this the mind, body, and soul strength training your business needs to succeed. Created in a workbook format, this can be used as your manifestations journal, happiness journal, or all around mindset workbook. Filled with personal stories that inspire, the author and business mindset coach, Michelle Sera starts the 7-Minute Shift with a simple question, “What is your negative belief?”


As a Certified Freedom Formula Facilitator and Certified Happiness Coach with many miraculous manifestations of her own, Michelle has been in the online business space helping many 7, 8, and 9-figure entrepreneurs excel for over 15 years.


And still, she reminds us that she’s just a girl who grew up down a dirt road in Georgia with the gift of seeing human potential. She can show you how to manifest your greatest self. As founder of ElevatedMind, Michelle is sharing with the world that when you elevate your mind first, everything else follows.